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We Support Officers and Their Families in Times of Need

We Support Officers

and Their Families in Times of Need

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The Georgia Law Enforcement Organization is a 100% volunteer statewide nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status. Our membership is made up of our board of directors, support staff, online forum’s members, committee members, and volunteers from throughout the United States.

Our programs are 100% funded through grants, membership fees, special fundraisers, and donations from our supporters and partners. The majority of our funding goes directly back into programs that enrich and improve the lives of the law enforcement families we support.

The Georgia Law Enforcement Organization’s mission is to provide overall support to Georgia’s law enforcement officers in their professional and personal lives through various benefits and community outreach resources.

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$ 10 Monthly
  • Our job board will contain LE
  • job openings and benefits from
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$ 25 Monthly
  • For QUALIFIED persons only.
  • This membership is for access
  • to all of our services.
  • If you aren't sure if you qualify,
  • e-mail us at [email protected].


$ 1500 Monthly
  • A sponsor differs from a
  • donor in that a sponsor creates
  • an ongoing relationship with
  • the organization, and receives
  • public recognition and ad placement..

This is from officer Devin Brosnan's father describing how the Georgia Law Enforcement Organization supported their family after a duty related shooting.

Michael V. Brosnan

(Father of APD Officer Devin Brosnan)

I hope that you, a family member, friend or colleague never find yourself criminally charged for simply doing your job as a Law Enforcement Officer. In today’s environment, this is unfortunately the reality that many officers are facing. You may find yourself targeted by politically motivated state actors and media members, not to mention death threats and vile messages from cruel individuals. The psychological toll can be enormous. When that happened to my family, Greg James, Executive Director of the Georgia Law Enforcement Organization (GLEO), quickly stepped in to help. GLEO immediately started a fundraiser so that we could obtain and afford top notch legal representation. GLEO published articles that disseminated the real, unbiased facts of the case and combated the anti-police narrative pushed by the government and the media. GLEO channeled the support of its members and provided a central repository for Police supporters from across the United States. With the financial and emotional support offered by the GLEO, we were able to fight back. Without GLEO’s efforts to channel the energy of the nationwide law enforcement community, it would have been difficult to maintain faith and optimism in the face of this harrowing ordeal. We are so grateful for the support of Greg James, the GLEO and all its members. My son has been cleared of all charges and is back to living a normal life!  Thank you!

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