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Atlanta PD Needs Our Help

Atlanta PD Needs Our Help

Once again, our brave Atlanta Police Officers find themselves in the crosshairs of a political agenda, their careers and reputations hanging by a thread. Veteran Officers Donnie Vickers and Rawdon Lorde are facing this unimaginable ordeal despite initial clearances that absolved them of any wrongdoing. Their lifelong dedication to upholding the law is now under assault.

The Cases in Detail
Officer Donnie Vickers: An Atlanta Veteran

The Case: A seventeen-year veteran with the Atlanta Police Department, Officer Vickers acted according to his training and experience during an incident involving a short vehicle pursuit. When the suspect assaulted Vickers’ partner, Ofc Vickers tackled him to the ground. A physician testified in Ofc Vickers defense that the suspect more likely suffered injury when he crashed his car driving over a retaining wall while fleeing police.

Initial Clearance: Cleared initially by the APD Office of Professional Services, only to face indictment now under a new administration led by District Attorney Fani Willis and charged with a felony, Aggravated Battery.

Officer Rawdon Lorde: Another Atlanta Protector

The Case: A ten-year Atlanta Police Department veteran, Officer Lorde made a difficult but necessary decision during a routine traffic stop. As he was attempting to keep a passenger from stealing a vehicle during a traffic stop, the suspect drove off with Ofc Lorde partially in the car holding on for his life, fearing he would be seriously injured. Ofc Lorde who was being dragged, fired his weapon striking the suspect. The suspect survived, was charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault on Lorde and pled guilty to reduced charges of disorderly conduct.

Initial Clearance: Also cleared initially, but now facing charges under the same administration, he faces a felony, Aggravated Assault.
 Politically-Motivated Prosecution
District Attorney Fani Willis appears to be using her position to second-guess the split second decisions of these highly-trained officers to further her own political aspirations at the cost of our dedicated officers.
 Our Track Record: The Georgia Law Enforcement Organization
We are the same organization that rallied around Atlanta Police Department Officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan in 2020 when a politically motivated DA, Paul Howard, unethically charged them. Thanks to generous donations from good Americans like yourself, we defended these officers, cleared their names, and helped them return to normal lives. It is now time to stand up for officers who are being used as political pawns once again within Atlanta’s Police Department.
 How You Can Help
The lives of Officers Vickers and Lorde are disintegrating due to political maneuvering. Your financial contribution will go directly toward mounting an aggressive legal defense, supporting their families, and advocating for justice. If we could do it for Officers Rolfe and Brosnan, we can do it again—but only with your help!

Donate Now: Stand With Justice
We are at a pivotal moment where your financial contribution can help restore faith in a system that has let these officers down. Stand with us in defense of Officers Vickers and Lorde, who have already been cleared once and should not have to face this ordeal a second time.
(We are a 501c3 non-profit organization)

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