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Officers’ Rolfe and Brosnan Fundraiser

Officers’ Rolfe and Brosnan Fundraiser


Officers Rolfe and Brosnan


On June 13th, Atlanta Police Officers’ Rolfe and Brosnan were involved the on-duty shooting of Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot. Both officers acted within policy and law throughout the entire incident; however, the Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard decided to criminally charge them to help his own political campaign and to pander to the mob. We previously set out to raise money for their legal battles, and we ended up raising so much in a very short time, that we had to put a pause on the campaign as it was only intended to cover their legal needs.

Now we are initiating a campaign to help support their personal lives throughout this lengthy process as cases such as this can easily take several years to complete, and they are now both essentially “un-employable” at no fault of their own.

Please help us support these two officers as both of their lives have been completely turned upside down for simply doing their jobs.



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JUNE 13th: Officer Rolfe and Officer Brosnan were involved in a justified shooting in Atlanta.

JUNE 14th: Officer Rolfe was fired from the Atlanta Police Department by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms prior to the investigation into the event by the GBI even starting.

JUNE 17th: District Attorney Paul Howard held a public press conference/public trial where he announced criminal charges again Officer Rolfe and Officer Brosnan, prior to the GBI’s investigation being complete.
JUNE 18th: Officer Rolfe turned himself into the jail with no bond, and Officer Brosnan turned himself into the jail with a bond. Officer Brosnan was able to bond out shortly after.
JUNE 19th: Officer Rolfe’s bond hearing was cancelled.
JUNE 23rd: Officer Rolfe’s bond hearing was cancelled again by District Attorney Paul Howard because “it was scheduled for the same time as the funeral”.
JUNE 30th:
 Officer Rolfe is set to attend a bond hearing.
JULY 1st: Officer Rolfe was released on bond from the Gwinnett County Jail and is FREE

We have already fully funded Officer Rolfe’s legal defense, and we are still working towards Officer Brosnan’s legal defense fund. To donate specifically to Officer Brosnan’s fund, please visit: Brosnan’s Defense Fund

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